So Sep 12 10:59:58 CEST 2004

airstar 2 dvb-t

In case you own a Technisat Airstar2 DVB-T card as I do here is a very quick install guide:

  1. Upgrade to kernel 2.6.10 or later as the required drivers are integrated into it. ( If you cannot afford upgrading then you have to patch your kernel sources with the files found in the CVS at ).
  2. Do a make menuconfig, choose: Device Drivers > Multimedia devices > Digital Broadcasting devices and select DVB For Linux, DVB Core Support and as module mark B2C2/Technistat Air/Sky/CableStar 2 PCI, Frontends/Zarlink MT352 based. After installing the kernel and the new modules reboot into it.
  3. You now have some devices in /dev/dvb/adapter0/. To make use of it you will first have to create a channels.conf file. Download the dvb-apps from After compilation use the util/scan/dvbscan utility together with a file from util/scan/dvbscan/dvb-t/ corresponding to your local area. For example: ./dvbscan dvb-t/de-Hamburg > ~/.tzap/channels.conf (be sure to create the ~/.tzap directory beforehand)
  4. If dvbscan was successful you now have some channels listed in the channels.conf file. Now use util/szap/tzap to tune in to a selected channel by doing f.e.: ./tzap "Das Erste" -r
  5. As the card does not have a MPEG-Decoder we need some software to substitute that. Of course the almighty mplayer can do that by running mplayer - < /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0
  6. If you find that zapping through the channels has become an impossible task you should check out kaxtv as well as vdr (which you might want to install anyway!).

Edit: A very promising application is Kaffeine - unfortunately you'll have to install KDE to use it, though. But it definetely is worth the waste of HD space.

Edit2: In case you need a working channels.conf, i put mine up for download: channels.conf ( 3,7 kb )

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