So Aug 27 12:57:53 CEST 2006

php daily annoyances

I do a lot of stuff in php. And it actually seems extremely adequate to a whole lot of situations. Still I get annoyed by it on a daily basis. Just a tiny collection of what got on my nerves today:

  • mysql_connect & mysql_pconnect won't establish a new connection if you only change the port number. you'll have to restart the webserver to take effect. If it's your own webserver you'll have no problem doing so. If however, that webserver does not run under your control...
  • i really hate this: strip_tags() and stripslashes() - who on earth does think of those names?! it's like in_array($needle, $haystack) vs. strpos($haystack, $needle) - are those string/array guys not talking to each other ? Oh, guess what the opposite of htmlentities() might be called ! Gave up ? It's html_entity_decode()
  • the error message in your server's error.log
    .htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable
    is caused by .. ? It's the webserver missing rights to read the directory! okay, it is a stupid error but having this in the log is way more stupid as most people discovering that error message will look for a probably non existent htaccess file forever.

These are just things that got on my nerves today, for a more in depth description of why php sucks go to heckmeck! [german].

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