Mo Aug 28 15:08:42 CEST 2006

blog setup

I received several questions to this date concerning my blog setup. To set things straight: Due to many reasons I installed nanoblogger and liked it instantly. The big plus it brings with is that all pages are generated after each change thus being lightening fast to deliver. And the big usability benefit: it comes with a command line tool to enter blog entries. In fact, this command line tool is of course the whole blog script. Anyhow, there were (and still are) some things I was missing:

  • Comments
    Blogs w/o feedback option suck. Although there seems to be a nb-plugin for comments available I did not even take a look at it. I saw the comment-feature on the nanoblogger-website and did not like it at all. So I hacked a quick php script to save comments and added a tiny bit of javascript magic to embed it into the view. As state of the art gimmicks it loads the comments via sort-of-ajax and has support included. Of course, it also degrades rather gracefully.
  • Tags
    One of the things I like in this huge web2.0 mumbo jumbo is the use of tags and tagclouds in general. For example if you take just a quick look at the tagcloud on the right side of this page you will notice within merely a second that this blog is (at least at the time being) mostly about "nerd stuff" and "annoyance"s - great feature!
    The nb-categories were a perfect place to extend them into tags. I made a quick'n'dirty perl script which translates parts/category_links.html right after its creation. Also I commented out the experimental naming of the category-links therefore being able to even include matching microformat rel-tag.
  • Track- & Pingback
    I have not yet added it but will do so when time is available for that. I will definitely add pingback support to the whole blog, simply because trackback sucks so incredibly much while pingback is well defined and easy to integrate. Trackback might even not be possible without huge modifications, I did not really look into that after discovering it includes rdf-blocks for each article. Aargh.

I will surely add more features to this blog in the future. Sadly, the add-ons required modifications to the nanoblogger source, which is why I don't release them at this point.
If you want to take a look at those scripts I made then please drop me a line via icq, irc or email and I will send them to you.

Edit: I have implemented a tiny pingback-server.

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