Di Aug 29 01:02:52 CEST 2006

tiny pingback server implemented

Okay, that did not take too long. After reading the aforementioned pingback-definition I wrote a little pingback server in php, which is starting its service right now at this moment.
At first I wanted to look at other implementations or at least a real life example beforehand, but then I was a bit lazy, gave up looking for pieces of information about pingback and started coding right away.

In my therefore pretty quick analysis of available pingback servers I came across several huge xmlrpc monsters and did not care to even take a look at them. At the end of the day all this pingback server really has to do is receive TWO parameters, save them and on success return ANY string. How on earth can they use >30kb for such a task ?!

That's why my pingback script only has about 70 lines of php code and within that features like:

  • checking source & target for validity & sanity
  • checking source for several spam possibilities
  • retrieving meta data from source
  • updating possible already saved pingbacks from that blog
.. and stuff.

The only problem is:
I have not yet taken a look at a single byte of a real pingback request or a response. That's why I can only guess it works and wait until I receive a first working pingback..

( I might put the script up for download at a later time )

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