Do Aug 31 11:53:45 CEST 2006

digg this bookmarklet

Just as a tiny by-product during cleaning up my bookmarks I wrote some useful bookmarklets. Simply drag & drop them into your bookmark toolbar if desired:

Bookmarklet to digg ( the currently viewed website:

<a href="javascript:location.href='' 
+escape(document.location.href)+'">digg it!</a>
Drag'n'drop this link: digg it

Add page to

<a href="javascript:location.href=''
Drag'n'drop this link: delIcioUs

Look up in Wikipedia:

function extractmarked(fenetre) {
	if(fenetre.window.getSelection) { 
		return fenetre.window.getSelection(); 
	if(fenetre.document.getSelection) {
		return fenetre.document.getSelection();
		return fenetre.document.selection.createRange().text; 
	if(fenetre.selectionStart != null) { 
		var s = fenetre.selectionStart; 
		var e = fenetre.selectionEnd; 
		return fenetre.value.substring(s,e); 
	return '';
var framez=top.frames;
if(markedword=='') {
	for(cur_frame=0;cur_frame<framez.length;cur_frame++) {
		if(markedword == '')
if(markedword!='') {
Drag'n'drop this link: wikipedia

( Note to self: Firefox sometimes won't accept to drop links into its toolbar if they contain too many whitespace. Adding them via right mouse button is possible anyways. )

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