Tue Jan 2 19:04:43 CET 2007

ice* on debian

Hahaha, debian recently renamed all mozilla (tm) products to avoid copyright issues. The official Mozilla-Logos were never shipped with debian and now they finally managed to avoid the trademarked names of Mozilla's products.

The new names are incredible: Iceweasel (former Firefox/Firebird/Phoenix/whatever), Icedove (former Thunderbird) and Iceape (former SeaMonkey/Mozilla).
The best (and you might want to change this to 'only good') thing about the change are the new logos, hilarious:

  • Iceweasel: Iceweasel
  • Icedove: Iceweasel
  • Iceape: Iceweasel
And the big ones are even better:
  • Iceweasel:
    Iceweasel big
  • Icedove:
    Icedove big
  • ... this is my abolut favorite .....

    Beware of the giant Ice Ape!
    Iceape big

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