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code red releases part 1: cr-ische

i recently stumbled upon CR-ISCHE having its own poeut entry (see, which led to the idea of presenting old code red releases from time to time.

code red is a group belonging to the pc demo scene since some time in 1994, i believe. we released mostly (if not only) fun files, sometimes mocking some ppl or just showing off while demonstrating nothing. and of course, releasing progressive S3Ms was our main activity :)
there used to be (you might still find some of it on, after the distro sites went offline years ago - as any other group in those days we had several mailboxes listed as distro sites or headquarters.
nowadays there is no active website, i plan to place all files to the one remaining code red official release site at, but have failed to do so for several years now...


FILE_ID.DIZ: file_id.diz from CR-ISCHE.ZIP

CR-ISCHE is a 32kb game written for the mekka/symposium (an annual demo party) in the year 1997. we just needed some release so i quickly put this stuff together in - behold - turbo pascal (i think). obviously it was never meant as a real compo entry and the resulting position #10 resembles that fact rather good :)
still, playing it today is incredibly funny (once, that is), reading the intro is also marvellous, snippet from ische.doc:

                .i s c h e

 [adults only!]

 32kb game first presented at mekka 97.


 you have been arrested by evil forces. when you tried to escape they
 realized how seriously you could harm them and decided to kill you.
 therefore you will have to try to survive and finally to flee from
 the prison grabbing a double-rifled shotgun, a case with unlimited ammo
 and an energy shield capable of blocking up to 100 shots.
 but your task is not easy as the enemy appears every time in a place 
 in which you do not expect him to hide.
 try to terminate as many evil soldiers as possible before they 
 kill you to save your own life.

 use arrow keys to aim left and right and hit space bar to shoot at
 a target.

somebody at pouet even made a screenshot, so i will not stop without posting some of my own: shoot to kill! shot to kill!
astonishingly, i found out this game has been downloaded thousands of times at the archive also contained a fabulous NFO on "the current state of CR" which is (falsely, instead of ische.doc) linked as ische.nfo at pouet. still, i like that amiga-like nfo reader.

to download and play, use the fabulous Dosbox, sadly cr-ische has some grafic issues and the sound does not work out of the box (due to base address setting of GUS under dosbox). this, i just remeber, was also the case on the competition machine, the game had no sound on the big screen and was therefore even more boring :)

leech it: CR-ISCHE.ZIP

this is (hopefully) the first of more to come descriptions of old code red releases. they will be selected in a random order.

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