Tue Jan 22 16:02:48 CET 2008

spamtraffic test with-decimalrain.com-and v6j 5c6 888-9089 vancouver

I just received some spam containing a google search for V6J 5C6 888-9089 Vancouver along with an inurl request to decimalrain.com and an activated "im feeling lucky" option (&btnI). this option redirects directly to the first search result. so the spammer sent a google url - which suggests a rather big amount of trust to the user - although clicking the link will lead directly to the spammer's site.

So now, if you wanted to, you could redirect all those spam-victims to a safe-site (for example this one), and by doing so even grab some traffic very easy - just by placing your page to the top of the google results for that one exact query. The difficulty is that your page would need to be placed #1, of course, which is unlikely to be achieved by for example this page. Anyhoo, with some google magic it would very sure be feasible and an easy way to generate loads of real traffic to one's website. Achieving a higher rank than the one page listed as result should not be too hard. After all, the original one is a spamsite and Google definitely does try to list those below other pages..

If you read this and came here from your mailbox then this page was suprisingly listed in front of the original spamsite, let me emphasize: I've nothing to do with the spam you receveid, original target was decimalrain.com

update: haha, this page actually is top hit when searching for most of the terms, sadly, inurl: does not hit it, as it seems to only look for complete words - and their words are not disconnected by _

update 2: ok, this page is actually top hit now, so you might have come here by clicking on a spam link in your email. The site to which the spam was directed, however, has recently been removed from the google index, thus moving this page to the top. remeber to NOT simply click on any link you received via email.
(I did neither think of google removing the original spammer's-page so quickly nor nobody else writing a text including the keywords, so having scored #1 is kind of a surprise..)

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