Thu Jan 31 13:17:09 CET 2008

and another with-vpxl-made-easy

this is just a small test how easy the described procedure in this post can be achieved a second (and last) time..

presumably you received spam in your inbox and clicked on it. I did not send that spam, this page was not the original target for the spam page, either. it redirected to the first google hit when searching for, vxpl, made and easy. read the other post for details.

update: this page actually is top hit now, so you probably have come here by clicking on a spam link in your email. this is not the site to which the spam was originally directed.. remember to NOT simply click on any link you received via email. see the other post for details, in case you're interested.

update2: wzf - g00gle has removed this page from its index! and while this might seem fine, they did NOT remove the originally targeted site! I wonder what will happen if I adjusted the link a bit..

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