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Wed Feb 27 17:53:35 CET 2008

terror in WoW even more dangerous than in 2nd life?

As if the terrorist warning at 2nd life just wasn't stupid enough, now they found a threat which is obviously way more dangerous: terrorists playing World of Warcraft!!

The Reynard project will begin by profiling online gaming behavior, then potentially move on to its ultimate goal of "automatically detecting suspicious behavior and actions in the virtual world."

Thu Feb 21 19:12:08 CET 2008

mysql time datatype inconsistancies

A surprising behavior of a migrated app recently caught my attention, and it lead to the observation of mysqld behaving inconsitant on time datatypes: different version, different behavior, i.e. the newer the version, the stronger it will enforce datatype limits.
As this took a couple of minutes to find and I did not really find many notes about it, I'll go ahead and write it down in a quick manner..

First of all, enforcing the documented limit is of course fine, as it resembles a bugfix. But i guess this wasn't the only application depending erroneously on the fact that time-datatype functions actually used to return the expected time rather than the truncated one - especially since the legal values are astonishingly low.

One might expect, for example, the following statement:

mysql> select timediff('2008-01-01 03:13:37', '2007-01-01 03:13:37');
| timediff('2008-01-01 03:13:37', '2007-01-01 03:13:37') |
| 8760:00:00                                             |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

This used to work exacly like this in mysql 4 - but it was a not too obvious bug, as mysql states for version 4 as well as for version 5 that TIME values may only range from '-838:59:59' to '838:59:59'.

Consequently, in newer versions the result of the above statement will be 838:59:59. That's right, maximum is 839 hours. Timediff() is therefore rendered quite unusable for calculating the difference between two dates.
In mysqld 4 however, TIME values were only truncated to 2^31 hours, which is enough for almost all time operations one would use it for - timediff() being just one example of many.

Now some of these were fixed to always strip down to 839 hours (and creating a warning), some were fixed later, for example

mysql> select cast("1337:01:01" as time) as t;
| t          |
| 1337:01:01 |

still works just like this in some versions of mysqld 5.0 - the same behaviour known from 4.1. In current versions all TIME values are truncated, at least the ones previously known to be flawed (see bug #20292), I could not reproduce any time-out of bounds in really up to date versions, either.

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Tue Feb 19 22:06:55 CET 2008

tiny pingor update

Found out it got linked to from some page, so I've just fixed some bugs in my tiny pingback client - turned out it didn't even work anymore.. :)

Everything should be fixed now, but I have no clue whether those blog-freaks still use pingback at all or if using trackback is the way to go nowadays.
Right now, I don't care, at least for me pingbacks work fine again..

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Tue Feb 19 00:15:37 CET 2008

inquirer, sup?

Wzf, sup w/ the inquirer?

Botsniffer can also be installed as a plug-ins for the Open Sauce intrusion/detection system. So it will soon be possible to Snort a plugin while sniffing your bot.
Ehhm, right.. ( source^Wsauce )

Tue Feb 12 17:47:30 CET 2008

oh fuck, the internet is here

better late than never.. last sunday was international IRL raid day of prj chanology, i.e. anonymous ./. scient0logy, this amazing picture from the london protests says it all..

the internet definitely was there.

more pictures from london, other IRL raid videos,

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Fri Feb 8 00:18:29 CET 2008

terrorist warning @ 2nd life

haha, this is so hilarious, how on earth can anyone take this srsly...: US warns of Second Life terrorist threat..
quote from the article:

Terrorists may be using virtual worlds such as Second Life to meet and exchange ideas, security experts warned today.

And while I'm at it, in other news.. just when there's a new CyberStorm planned, details about the first one of 2006 leaked, with at least one quite funny part:

However, the government's files hint at a tantalizing mystery: In the middle of the war game, someone quietly attacked the very computers used to conduct the exercise. Perplexed organizers traced the incident to overzealous players and sent everyone an urgent e-mail marked "IMPORTANT!" reminding them not to probe or attack the game computers.