Sat Jul 5 16:31:59 CEST 2008

gopherize it

Annoyed by flash, images, ads, bloat ? can't see the pieces of information you seek when visiting a website ? Or do you want to view the web how it should look like ?
Then use this bookmarklet whenever you want to view a page in gopher-mode - a blast from the past, a nicer, almost perfect experience..!
I originally had the idea when mozilla announced to remove gopher support from future firefox versions: If they remove gopher support from my browser then i'll go ahead and remove web support from it! :) But, thankfully, they did not remove it in FF3, instead it now looks even better than before! This is of course great, but as there still are way more web server delivereing html-annoyance out there than there are gopherds, this little javascript still is an absolute must-have for comfortable browsing.
It's is not a perfect solution, but rather a nice unobstrusive way to selectively enjoy viewing web pages.

Right click on the following link and add to bookmark-toolbar:


(This will probably only work correctly in Firefox, but it might also do something in IE)