Tue Feb 24 17:28:56 CET 2009

list secret irc channels

Sometimes /list-ing channels is a nice way to find irc channels, but the more interesting ones always have +s mode set - and the ircds don't usually support listing so called "secret" channels for non ircops.. :)

Yet, this naming scheme is quite confusing, since the only thing +s really changes - at least on ircds run by popular networks such as efnet and ircnet - is not listing the channel in /who and /list and commands alike.
Direct requests to the channelname on the other hand will reveal the info inspite of any +s oder +p modes.

Since I thought about publishing one or another irc script from my stash anyway, here is a small irc bot which will join to a specified channel and list all secret channels it finds by iterating a given wordlist - which can be quite a lot..


toomanysecrets.pl [perl bot for listing +s channels]


You'll need to have Net::IRC installed, either via cpan or via package manager, on debian/ubuntu this is libnet-irc-perl.


You should edit the skript and set irc server and port as well as a channel in which the bot will list all the found channels. You can remove the channel and it will just save the channellist to disk.
Crawling through huge wordlists, you might want to decrease the request-delay of the bot since it's quite high to avoid being klined.


just run perl toomanysecrets.pl and wait for the bot in the designated channel.


BSD License - just do not use it for illegal purposes and stuff.

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