Thu Mar 12 13:46:38 CET 2009

tgtpd - a telegraph transfer protocol daemon

Closing a gap that has existed for far too long, I hereby announce the existence of tgtpd, a telegraph transfer protocol daemon.

You can transfer text and even binary data by using morse-code.

The source code is available at tgtp:// - in case your lame browser does not support tgtp yet, you might make use of a small tgtp-client called tget [download tget]

You should try f.e. calling
chmod +x tget
./tget tgtp:// > index.html

and even
./tget tgtp:// > logo.png will or should work.

Running your own tgtpd is pretty straight forward:
just put into any directory, create a directory called tgtpdocs in there, then run for example
perl >> tgtpd.log 2>&1 &
- and everything in the tgtpdocs-directory will be accessible via tgtp (port 7070 by the way) - as long as its filename is all lowercase and has no characters not available in common morse code :).

The morse code is only slightly extended to be able to transfer binary data. The protocol might come in handy in case you can only transfer two different bytes (or, in the current implementation, three..) and still want to comfortably serve files.
And, of course, you could always connect it to a real telegraph and use that to serve some html...

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