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Tue Apr 21 23:10:54 CEST 2009

quick antispam script

the concecpt of "this link kills spam" is nice, but has an obvious disadvantage: any sophisticated spammer will quickly blacklist the site. Inclusion from a publicly known site will therefore not work for long, which is sad, since the original idea is rather intriguing.
N.b.: any harvester will lookup mx records and quickly find out about the inexistence of these random addresses before even trying to send anything. But, still, if there are enough addresses fed this will take quite some processing time.

You'll need to generate the list on your own to really make it work for realworld harvesters. Here's some quick public domain php source you could use which produces more or less the same content:

# very quick antispam by iso from kapsobor
$phrases = array(
"contact us at ", "please write to us via ", "my email address is ",
"contact: ", "mailto:", "email address is", "please write to",
"send mail to", "NOSPAM.", "STOP.SPAM.",
for($i=0;$i<rand(30,50);$i++) {
$email = "";
for($j=0;$j<10;$j++) { $email .= chr(97+rand(0,25)); }
$email .= "@";
for($j=0;$j<14+rand(0,4);$j++) { $email .= chr(97+rand(0,25)); }
print $phrases[rand(0,sizeof($phrases))]. "$email.com\n";

for moar pieces of information consult one of the following email adresses .. ;)
contact: tituopzeki@kwiqzlbxivcgrwh.com
send mail toberjgiygxj@yhvotpkmsptcaaj.com
send mail toidlkpdpeag@cxikdopdmaepsetmq.com
email address iskbgnsvciff@spgkmbwvdkphefic.com
contact: zjydxhqkmw@flujsidjintaunu.com
send mail toftdzkmvdse@voqactsnwfdakyf.com

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