pingor - pingback client


small pingback client in php

To extend the features of this blog I had to write a working pingback client supporting auto discovery of target links in a blog entry, auto discovery of pingback-server url to those targets and actually performing an xmlrpc pingback-ping request. As I was unable to find any small scripts performing that task alone without using a huge xml library to do that I did a quick'n'dirty approach on one single file, no includes whatsoever, achieving this goal.

It's usable as a web based cgi script, you enter a URL of any blog post and it will scan that post for targets. Those targets will receive a pingback with the URL of your blog post. They will usually then go and check whether your post really contains a link to their article and grab some text of your post to add it to their pingback description. This client has however no control over what the server might do with the request. You can easliy automate the request by calling the script with two variables (pass & sourceURI) via http get ( f.e. http://your.server/path/pingor.php?pass=your+pass& sourceURI= ). Calling via Commandline is possible, too, just use sourceURI as parameter.


v08-02-18: pingor.php.txt


Rename to .php, change the password in line 10 to a password of your choice and place it into your webspace. If you do not set a password you risk that anyone could request webpages via your script. If you don't want them do be able to do that, you should really use a password.


08-02-18 fixed some minor bugs in the code, removed duplicate url pinging
06-09-05 added targetURI auto discovery & cleaned up messy code
06-09-04 initial version w/ pb-server auto discovery (http head & html head) - Pingback Specification